We are GAF Certified for Roofing,
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Strong, Durable Roof Repair

All homes need a strong, solid roof in order to shield you and your family from the elements outside. Unfortunately, in order to get a sturdy roof, one must go through the troubling process of roofing his or her home. This profession proves to be one of the most dangerous jobs we can find in America. With dangers like hot tar, which can reach temperatures of 525 degrees Fahrenheit, it is no wonder few dive into this profession willingly. In addition to the already obstacle-laden job, the height of roofs alone can prove to be too much for some to handle. Keeping these dangers in mind, we want to help you attain a safe roof through our reliable Long Island roofing replacement and repair services. By safe, not only do we mean a stable structure over the heads of you and your family, but also a structure that protects you from rain or shine, all the while being aesthetically pleasing. Good to Go Maintenance can help you obtain that roof without risking your own safety or that of friends and family. With our expertise and tools designed for the job, we will have the roof tarred, prepped, and shingled in no time.

Guiding You Through the Process

Good to Go Maintenance promises to guide customers through the process of roof replacement or repair. This prevents any unexpected expenses from being acquired, and it keeps the customer informed about the repairs or changes we are making throughout the roofing period. Good to Go Maintenance prides itself on keeping customers involved and informed. Our strategy creates an efficient and effective process that leaves the client satisfied and Good to Go Maintenance with another job well done.


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What can you expect when you trust Good to Go Maintenance with your dream project? Our experienced contractors follow a strategic program when implementing your project, and we do this to involve you in the experience as much as possible. This is your vision and we want to see it through completely.

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